"Introverted moths don't envy the butterfly", 2012.
Ink and Gouache + digital



Here it is! The second illustration of the series, ever since I decided to complete and upload a drawing/painting every 5 days!

This is on based off something that floated into my head a couple of days ago. I guess that theme of both my writing and illustration work lately is growing up and overcoming fears.


"Childhood Screams and Dreams of Climbing Higher Beams", 2012.
Ink, gouache, pastel pencil, digital


Renewed Marriage Vow to Illustration!

As of lately, I have decided to stretch my boundaries as an illustrator to begin and complete a drawing/painting every 3-5 days. Here is the first one that I did about four days ago. It only took me about three days to complete. This has been a huge step since during the school year, it takes me about a month to complete my work because of procrastination and social distractions.

Here's to a happy and newly committed relationship, Illustration!

"Don't Ride in a Boat with Doubt Rocking About", 2012.
Ink and Gouache.

I have really found that writing poetry and stringing little word puns together has given me a jumping off board to create interesting and conceptual solutions. 

I should have illustration number 2 up and posted by midnight tomorrow! 


May Updates!

So, the whirlwind of University has ended for the next six months, and I finally have time to update! What will come next? Hong Kong? San Fransisco?  Toronto? I am planning to save and saving to plan (a trip).  For the past couple of months, I have done illustrations for Discorder Mag, and here they are. I also have a couple larger illustration projects on the go. One of them being book illustrations for Grimms Fairytales, and the other, a series of digital prints. On the side, I am also working on my grad project, which will be shown at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design Grad Show, May 2013. 

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BRAND NEW BOX was so much fun!

The opening for Brand New Box was so much fun! Lots of people came out to see the print show, and I was really excited to see the variety of styles and mediums. The Fall Gallery really cleans up nice! With DJ Guttermax providing the music, the bar behind the counter, and all the people who came out to see the work, the evening was a success! There were even people dancing, me included of course, and I'd say that dancing in an opening is pretty much the definition of success!

Here I am with my prints! They are still up for grabs, and will be on display until April 15! Come check them out!

For more event photos (without just me in them), click



BRAND NEW BOX show @ The FALL Gallery

Come check out the print show, BRAND NEW BOX at The FALL Gallery March 15, 2012! The opening will be at 8pm, but the show which will include prints by twelve emerging artists, including yours truly will be up for sale!

click to go to the facebook event page

(poster by me as well :))


Hand-lettering illustration for Discorder Magazine - Feb. 2012 issue!

This month, I did a hand-lettering illustration for Discorder magazine for their article and promotion for Sizzleteen Records, a new local record label and their launch party.  I hadn't done a lot of hand-lettering, but I have been dabbling in it for fun lately. After discovering Jessica Hische, an amazing illustrator, letterer, and designer, I was inspired to experiment with some hand-lettering of my own (Here's an attempt with a recent illustration I did and you can also see it throughout my website www.priscillayu.com).  I have never taken a typography course, and have an elementary understanding of type hierarchy and history, but to me, hand-lettering kind of breaks the rules in a beautiful way that may make traditional typographers cringe. I hand-lettering that is illustrative, figurative, embellished, and sometimes really ugly. 

So ugly, it's beautiful. 

Recently through learning about "Beauty is Embarrassing" -- a documentary on Wayne White, I  realized that I had seen Wayne White's his word paintings before on art blogs before. They are beautiful, and visually stimulating. You can  literally feel your eyes working when you're looking at them.  Their complexity in translation of three-dimensional form into two-dimensional paintings that create an optical illusion especially appeal to my tastes!

Anyway, below are two  iterations  that I also sent into the art director at Discorder Magazine, before he chose the final version that is published.